Male Sexual HealthThere are many benefits of sex such as lower blood pressure, exercise, better bladder control for women, lower risk of heart attacks and even stress relief. Great sex is crucial for a healthy relationship between consenting adults. Conditions affecting men such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation not only drain the sex life but also put a great strain on the relationship all together.

Men are often regarded as sex hounds. Many women think that all men want sex, which is not always the case. They assume it is just a physical lust that has no impact on a man’s emotional well being. Unlike women who want a deeper connection before sex, it takes sexual contact to open the emotional flood gates of men.

It is through sex that their get in touch with their inner raw feelings. So you can only imagine how frustrating it can be when they are unable to enjoy great sex. A woman thinks the best way to have a healthy relationship is through other aspects such as communication, sensitivity and compromise while great sex is the highest form of expression of love to a man.

Premature ejaculation is a common problem that can affects the sex life of many men under the age of 40 years. Usually, it takes women a longer period of time to achieve orgasm as compared to men. Premature ejaculation not only shortens the duration of sex but it can sometimes reduce the duration of sex to just a matter of minutes or seconds. Psychological and biological factors can both lead to premature ejaculation.

Many men feel embarrassed opening up about premature ejaculation but it can be treated easily using medication or male enhancement pills, counseling and even sexual techniques that enable the man to delay ejaculation. Tricks such as the stop-and-start method, kegel exercises and heavy breathing can help to prevent PE.

Low libido is also another problem that affects most men at some point in life. Although this is not always the case, it is assumed that libido naturally decreases with age. Most of the time low libido is due to an underlying psychological issue.

Communication between couples is necessary to tackle most of the problems that come up in the bedroom. A lot of the time you will find that a lower sex drive is due to something as simple as the kind of perfume your partner wears. Low testosterone levels can also contribute to low libido. Sometimes doctors prescribe testosterone supplements but this greatly depends on individual dynamics.
Ongoing erectile dysfunction or the inability to sustain an erection for sex is one of the biggest challenges that couples face in their sexual relationships. Having trouble once in a while should not be a great concern but long term erectile dysfunction affects self confidence and causes relationship problems.

It is advisable to talk to your doctor because in many cases erectile dysfunction is a sign of an underlying health problem such heart disease or diabetes. The sooner you get a medical evaluate the easier it will be to reverse the erectile dysfunction.

Do not think you are alone and do not be embarrassed to get help. Talking to your spouse is a great place to start tackling the problem. You can gain the confidence to get help with a good support structure in your relationship.

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