Erectile dysfunction can happen anytime, so treat erectile dysfunction needs to be done. Erectile dysfunction can be temporary or in a long time even for life if not treated.

Erection problems can occur due to minor disturbances such as too tired, lack of sleep, stress and others. After sleep or rest, erection will return to normal. Usually these problems could be over by using the ingredients and traditional recipes.

After overcoming problems that cause stress disappear, erection can be restored. Similarly, acute illnesses such as flu, diarrhea, fever and others. Such circumstances would cause the erection to decrease.

But because he was suffering from a disease that is clear, no problems arise. Wife will understand. After all when the pain decreased sexual desire and his wife were received, so do not sue. After the disease has healed, some time later was back to normal erections.

An erection time can go down without a known cause of the obvious. At the time of coitus with his wife, sometimes it can be hard erection but when want to penetrate soft back. There is also a feeling at the time of normal onset, can penetrate, but in the middle of the road down an erection. And a more serious matter is that at the time of making out an erection is not hard. At the time of his wife holding the penis, the penis remains flaccid. Some time later to try again, but can not be normal erection.

Some diseases such as heart disease and diabetes is the cause of erectile dysfunction so as to treat erectile dysfunction suffered from doctors need special handling.

In circumstances like the above there are people who act fast and visit to a professional. Because the disorder do not seek treatment until the fast is prolonged, and generally erect easily recovered and returned to normal marital relationship. However, some doubt and hesitation to long not to take action. Finally ongoing erectile dysfunction and the couple have even divorced as a result.

Another patient who encouraged and even forced by his wife. There are wives who threatened divorce if the husband did not seek treatment. Husband forced to think and treatment. When the action is quickly done, it is likely erection will quickly recover and life husband and wife will be happy again.

There is also a husband who embarrassed treatment. This is precisely the most. According to his feelings, sexual disorders, life in the bedroom does not deserve open to others, including the doctor. Embarrassed, the disease is allowed to continue. Therefore, there are wives who seek divorce seriously and actually end up divorced. There is also a wife who is having an affair with another man. There continues to bicker endlessly. As a result of all the lives shattered marriage.

Above circumstances do not need to happen and not be ashamed. Almost all men have a weak erection that failed coitus. It is impossible for living normal erections and satisfactory coitus.

The reason is because the penis has no bones, only the penis consists of a network of cavities that are soft. Only when the blood is filled full of big and then the penis can be hard. But when erect failed several times, you should immediately act to get the right treatment so that a quick recovery. So, do not be ashamed because almost all men have experienced it.